Shocking Revelation: Akshay Kumar’s Dual Citizenship Saga Unveiled – What You Didn’t Know

Sharing an excerpt from official documents, Bollywood icon Akshay Kumar utilized his social media presence on Tuesday to announce his recent acquisition of Indian citizenship.

“Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!,” Kumar expressed in a tweet.

Kumar, having recently relinquished his Canadian citizenship, conveyed a deep-rooted attachment to India. He has already initiated the process to update his passport, underlining his unwavering allegiance to his homeland. During a candid dialogue in the inaugural episode of the new season of ‘Seedhi Baat’ on Aajtak, Kumar elaborated on his disappointment when his decision to acquire Canadian citizenship is misconstrued.

“To me, India embodies my entirety… Every accomplishment, every recognition I’ve garnered, all have their origins in this nation. I’m privileged to be able to give back. Uninformed judgments are disheartening,” articulated the 55-year-old luminary.

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Akshay Kumar Announces Indian Citizenship

The discussion around Akshay’s citizenship came to the forefront following an interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April 2019, just prior to the Lok Sabha elections.

In response, Kumar confronted the criticism. He clarified, “I’ve already initiated the passport application process.” I am an Indian, and the constant demand for validation is distressing. My family, my children, all hold Indian identity. I fulfill my tax obligations here, and my life is firmly rooted here.”

He further expressed his frustration with the recurring necessity of proving his nationality to the global audience.

Kumar also delved into the rationale behind his initial acquisition of a Canadian passport. He revealed that during a challenging phase in his career marked by 14 consecutive failures, he found himself at a crossroads. At that juncture, a friend suggested exploring opportunities in Canada, prompting him to acquire a Canadian passport. However, with the success of his 15th film, Kumar’s trajectory took a positive turn, firmly anchoring him in his current endeavors.