Athidhi Web Series Review: (2023) Hotstar, Cast, Clip, Plot & Everything Know So Far

Athidhi Web Series Review: It’s not often that one finds the material so bad that the viewing experience ends up being unintentionally enjoyable, with nothing that redeems the story. Athidhi is a Telugu-language horror drama web series created by Bharath Y.G. Written and directed by.

Venu Thottempudi, who recently made a comeback on the big screen, is back with his first OTT series, Athidhi. Avantika Mishra, Venkatesh Kakumanu and Aditi Gautam are the lead actors of this web series. This web series is a Disney+ Hotstar special miniseries released on September 19, 2023. Several Indian languages ​​are currently being used to watch series on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The excellent way Atidhi emotes in important scenes shows that he still has this ability. Avantika Mishra got a good role and she acted very well in it. His looks were very good and his character also gave a message to the society. As a YouTuber, Venkatesh Kakamanu was very good. His simple but powerful presentation makes an impact.

Beauty of Naninthe Aditi Gautam does a decent job in the role given to her. Bhadram and Ravi Varma performed their duties as required. The background music complemented the sinister theme. There are a few short stories in the series, and they are well-crafted.

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Athidhi Web Series Review

It’s now 2023, and people are still confused about how to establish Ghost and create a story that respects the genre and is also entertaining. Athidhi, which can easily be translated as ‘Why strangers were not allowed in’,

Especially in the dark, in the middle of the night, it tries so hard to stay awake that it turns into a didactic class that isn’t even interesting, let alone scary. There’s still a lot packed into these six episodes; There is nothing there. Written by Y G Bharat, Aditi, meaning guest, is not even a half-baked idea, but a very vague idea that is illogical with the word go.

A man keeps letting people into his mansion, even if he intends to cause them some harm; People entering that house do not find anything scary than this easy welcome. Athidhi tries to look very clever when she eroticizes a ghost-like person in a strange way, only for the story to turn upside down and in a predictable manner.

As if the twist was visible with his entry. It’s as though you already know what will happen. You know these people are signing up for a night that will be haunted all night long. Some will die, some will learn the message, some will release their souls, and others will simply exist.

The show isn’t interested in making this death-to-death story as entertaining as you can see a legitimate three-act structure with no attempt to make it organic. Also the show is set in a house and nothing is happening outside; It looks like a school stage play.

Athidhiya sells nothing for nothing and leaves you with nothing as there is really a minimum amount to pin your hopes on. An awakening message that is presented so haphazardly leads to climax but to no avail.

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Athidhi Web Series Story

“Athidhi” weaves a horror tale that unfolds within the eerie confines of a haunted mansion shrouded in mystery and suspense. Famous novelist Ravi Varma (Venu Thottempudi) lives in this lavish mansion, where he dutifully takes care of his paralyzed wife Sandhya (Aditi Gautham). However, the tranquility of this grand estate is shattered one terrible rainy day, when mysterious events begin to occur.

On a rainy night, a mysterious woman named Maya (Avantika Mishra) comes to Ravi’s house and asks Ravi if she can stay in the mansion that night. Ravi agrees to it and lets her inside. As viewers delve deeper into the narrative, the questions grow bigger: who is Maya, and what dark secrets does she hide within? What has forced him to take refuge in the mansion?

On the other hand, a YouTuber named Saavari (Venkatesh Kakamanu), who usually makes videos on ghost hunting, gets scared after seeing a ghost. He also wants shelter in Ravi’s mansion. Saavari sees Maya there and becomes convinced that she is not a human but actually a ghost. He suggests to Ravi that they should leave the mansion soon to save their lives.

The mystery deepens as Prakash (Ravi Varma) gets entangled in this complex web of intrigue. As the story of “Athidhi” unfolds, it peels back the layers of this sinister tale, inviting viewers to uncover secrets, face their fears, and uncover disturbing truths hidden within the mansion’s shadowy corridors. Does it.

Get ready for a chilling journey into the unknown, where every turn holds the key to a horrifying revelation. Who is this Maya? What is the mystery surrounding it? And what is his relationship with the mysterious YouTuber, Saveri (Venkatesh Kakumanu)? Then what did Ravi and Saavari do? The story of Athidhi web series is about this.

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Athidhi Season 1 Trailer

Athidhi 2023 Cast and Crew

Directed by Y.G. Bharath
Produced by Rohith Pisapati, Praveen Sattaru
Writing byY.G. Bharath
StarringVenu Thottempudi, Avantika Mishra, Venkatesh Kakumanu
Music by Kapil Kumar
Cinematography by Manojh Katasani
Editing by Dharmendra Kakarala
Production companyHotstar Specials 
Production Design by Sahi Suresh
Art Direction by Sahi Suresh
Sound Department Pradeep G.
Release Date19 September 2023
LanguageTamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
Genrehorror, suspense, comedy, thriller
IMDB Rating6.9/10

Athidhi 2023 Cast Name

  • Venu Thottempudi
  • Avantika Mishra
  • Venkatesh Kakumanu
  • Aditi Gautam
  • Keshav Deepak
  • Gayatri Chaganti
  • Ravi Varma
  • Bhadram
  • Pooja
  • Chanakya Teja

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Athidhi Hotstar Review

Athidhi, which simply means guest, is the story of Ravi, a writer, who is trying to write a new book that can appeal to the current generation. The wealthy man and his crippled wife Sandhya reside in a magnificent estate. As a successful writer, he strives to become better and is willing to add and make changes to his work as per his wife’s input.

The mansion is close to a road that is considered a haunted place, but this does not bother Ravi. One night, Ravi receives two guests at his home: a psychic healer and a ghost hunter vlogger. It appears that both of them have different reasons to believe that ghosts may exist. Ravi is practical and realistic in this matter.

Will the guests believe his words, or does he have a bigger agenda than he lets on? Their interactions and the events that follow form the crux of the plot. Athidhi has got off to a good start with the revelation about the existence of a paranormal force that is haunting many people walking or driving by a particular place near the mansion.

Screenplay by Bharat Y.G. Bizarre to such an extent that this subplot is fleshed out very quickly in the show, and it soon becomes a show that is crossing multiple genres at one time. It becomes a psychological thriller. It is a murder mystery and historical horror drama. It seems as if the writer-director wanted to combine every element of all these genres.

But it failed miserably to fit a lot of things into this six-episode miniseries, with each episode having a runtime of half an hour. At one point, the writing and direction begins to seem laborious, making it hard to ignore errors in continuity, editing and narrative, so much so that there is no recovery for Athidhi.

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The writing of Telugu cinema is obsessed with placing good-looking women at the center and using their attributes to mesmerize the audience. This makes the viewing experience difficult and awkward at the same time. Writers and directors have forgotten that female characters don’t need charm to make a story worthwhile.

The show’s emphasis on new age author Ravi using “romance” to attract audiences to his book is an example of what Y.G. Like how many writers and directors there are. Bharat does not agree with what the current young audience wants from the characters of a show. The narrative is such that even the half-hour runtime feels like it starts stretching very early, and the audience desperately wants to know what the actual plot is going on.

The flashy but vulgar storytelling makes the viewing experience tiring after a certain point. There are two major twists in the story, but both are predictable and the lead up to the climax is also predictable. Telugu cinema is known for its complex kind of storytelling, which involves some bizarre moral lessons, followed by several twists and turns that make it difficult for the audience to connect with the actual plot and characters of the show.

The writing and direction is so bizarre that unnecessary flashback sequences are resorted to, which naturally deceives the audience, who are smart enough to pick up the clues. Producers need to start treating the audience like an intelligent crowd. At some points the high budget production feels like a quality that makes the show slightly unwatchable.

But the narrative aspect is so bad that none of the good qualities can really act as a saving grace. From a plot point of view, it’s just the story within the narrative style that somehow works and doesn’t derail the actual plot. But sadly, the rest of the aspects like sound design, background score and cinematography are very poor.

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There are a lot of unnecessary scenes added to the narrative, and it makes us wonder if they were added to increase the length of the episode. Why is it that dubbing is still an issue in Telugu cinema Why don’t directors and producers adopt sync sound to make the dialogues and acting look real.

Athidhi is a prime example of the many shows and movies in this industry where dubbing makes the actors’ performances awkward and uncomfortable. Acting is believed to make the presentation of storytelling easier, but if the dialogues are not good, it becomes difficult for the actors to perform well.

The production design of the show becomes bizarre when one sees how a store-bought skeleton is used to create tense and scary moments. It felt more like a gag stolen from Modern Family rather than something as scare-inducing as a horror drama. Ravi’s past is explained haphazardly in the show, and by the time this subplot was introduced it was too late.

By then the audience had completely lost interest and wanted this nightmare of a show to end. Ironically, the show is scarier as a final product than the subject matter it deals with. The producers tried to emulate some of the good shows of the West and came up with the idea of ​​adding a history of paranormal activities taking place inside the mansion.

But this method of storytelling only works because the screenplay is tight and has a structured narrative, which is sadly absent in Athidhi. The acting of the actors is extremely commendable. The actors in Athidhi do not act as much as per the director’s wooden instructions, which feels unnatural from beginning to end. A supporting actor was given some comedic potential, but he couldn’t carry the show alone.

None of the performances are worth mentioning as they were all let down by pathetic writing and direction. He deserved a better platform to showcase his acting talent. Sadly, Athidhi is a disappointment in every aspect and department; A show you can skip without any guilt.