Netflix Record Views for Guns & Gulaabs Trailer – You Won’t Believe the Numbers

Guns Gulaabs Trailer Smashes Records

The preview for the upcoming Netflix series “Guns & Gulaabs” has taken everyone by surprise, setting an unexpected record. Just two days before its debut on the streaming platform, the trailer has amassed a staggering 76 million views on YouTube. This feat is being hailed as a groundbreaking achievement for an Indian web series trailer, … Read more

Malaika Arora Secret to Life’s Perfect Balance: Yoga Journey Revealed

Yoga Balance Journey With Malaika

Yoga Balance Journey With Malaika Arora never fails to impress us with her unwavering dedication to fitness. Despite her demanding schedule, she remains fully committed to her fitness journey and often motivates her fans to prioritize their own physical well-being. She also has a strong affinity for yoga and frequently shares videos of herself engaging … Read more

Sushmita Sen Unstoppable Journey: From Heart Attack Survivor to Empowering Transgender Identities

Unstoppable Sushmita Heart Attack Transgender

Unstoppable Sushmita Heart Attack Transgender Empowerment, Sushmita Sen continues to demonstrate her indomitable spirit, even in the face of adversity such as a heart attack. Earlier this year, the renowned former Miss Universe and Bollywood luminary encountered this health crisis but promptly rebounded. She swiftly resumed her activities, including filming for Aarya 3 and fulfilling … Read more

Rajinikanth’s Jaw-Dropping Salary Shakes Up Film Industry! Exclusive Insider Details on ‘Jailer’ Cast Earnings

Rajnikanth Jailer Film Salary Secrets Revealed

Nelson Dilipkumar and Rajinikanth, in collaboration with a highly talented team, have achieved resounding success for the Tamil cinema industry with their latest release, “Jailer.” Since its premiere, the film has garnered immense praise from audiences and has made a significant impact at the box office. “Jailer” boasts an ensemble cast of exceptional caliber, including … Read more

Saif Ali Khan’s Jaw-Dropping Birthday Surprise! First Look Revealed! Unmissable Glamour and Intrigue Await in ‘Devara

Saif Ali Khan Birthday Surprise Devara Film Reveal

On Wednesday, on the occasion of Saif Ali Khan’s 53rd birthday, Saif Ali Khan’s co-star in the movie “Devara,” took to social media to share the poster and extend birthday wishes with the caption, “Bhaira. Happy Birthday Saif Sir. #Devara.” The poster depicts Saif Ali Khan in a striking pose, dressed in a black shirt, … Read more

Shocking Revelation: Akshay Kumar’s Dual Citizenship Saga Unveiled – What You Didn’t Know

Omg 2 Movie Release Date

Sharing an excerpt from official documents, Bollywood icon Akshay Kumar utilized his social media presence on Tuesday to announce his recent acquisition of Indian citizenship. “Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!,” Kumar expressed in a tweet. Kumar, having recently relinquished his Canadian citizenship, conveyed a deep-rooted attachment to India. He has … Read more