Emoji Web Series Review: (2022) Emoji Web Series Story, Watch Online Free

Emoji Web Series Review: It’s always a pleasure to watch a well-made romance drama that explores the complexities of a relationship. The series tells the story of a married couple who decide to get a divorce after facing difficulties that they had never imagined in life.

Actor Mahat Raghavendra who was recently seen in a cameo role in the Tamil action film Maha. He is back on screen as the lead actor in this romantic Emoji web series. Along with Manasa Choudhary and Devika Satish, both the actors have important roles.

How has the series fared, is it profitable and good enough romantic series to attract the youth of the state and for actor Mahat Raghavendra? Let us now know about this series.

Emoji Web Series Story

This web series S. Emoji directed by Rangasamy is a great option for Tamil web series lovers. Emoji web series Aha has been released on Tamil platform. This online series will be liked very much by the children of today because it involves romance and love. The emoji web series story is more similar to the realities of today’s youth.

Mahat Raghavendra has played the lead role in this series. Raghavendra falls in love with a girl named Manasa while working in a big corporate company. Their love does not last long, due to some misunderstandings they break up. Raghavendra tries hard to forget this breakup. But after some time when he meets Devika Satish, he finds the answer to his worries in her.

Raghavendra then falls in love with Devika Satish, and both get married. Their married life is happy, but after some time they both finally decide to divorce. It is an emotional love story about the two of them, but their passion drives them apart, and they decide to divorce. Will love be able to unite these two, where are they still left?

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Emoji Web Series Review

The story begins with the main character of the series Aadhav (Mahat Raghavendra) struggling to deal with the divorce in front of the courtroom. Then the story goes in flashback to tell us how it all started and how it has reached the present situation.

Aadhav works in a multinational company. One day Aadhav goes to a shopping mall to buy a cricket kit. There he meets Prarthana (Manasa Chaudhary) for the first time. Prarthana Aja, a sales girl in that shopping mall, provides cricket kit to Aadhav. Aadhav goes to the shopping mall every day to meet Prarthana on the pretext of buying something.

One day both of them share their numbers and start talking on the phone. Similarly, both of them fall in love with each other within a few days. And both propose each other and express their love. After a few days, Prarthana leaves her apartment and comes to Aadhav’s apartment in his room to live together in a living relationship.

Then there is an intimate scene between the two and a physical relationship is also formed. That’s how both start living together. After a few days, Deeksha (Devika Satish) comes to live with her boyfriend in the same apartment. His flatroom is opposite to Aadhav’s room. All of them meet together and get to know each other.

Then everyone goes for a walk together and also has a party. After a few days, Diksha’s parents come from the village to stay in her flat. So Diksha convinces Prarthana to stay in her room and sends her boyfriend to Aadhav’s room. His parents leave after staying for a few days and they come together again in their respective rooms.

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After some time, Prarthana gets a call from her home and she goes to her home. Her family has found a boy for Prartana with whom she wants to marry, Prartana agrees to this marriage. Next day, Aadhav comes to Prarna’s house, and he sees some preparations going on in the house. Later he learns that the boys are coming to see Prarthana.

Aadhav also learns from Prarthana that being in a relationship and getting married are two different things for him. That’s why she is doing this with someone else of her own free will. Then boys come there and boy and girl start talking to each other, seeing this, Aadhav leaves from there.

At the same time another incident happens- Diksha breaks up with her boyfriend. The reason for this is that her boyfriend does not do any work and all the expenses of food, travel or home are taken care of by Diksha. Because he is a professional wildlife photographer. Her boyfriend is there to have sex with her, and does nothing else. Due to this, Deeksha and her boyfriend breakup.

When Aadhav comes to his flat and does not even go to work for a few days, he remains immersed in sorrow, neither eats nor sleeps properly and even starts drinking alcohol. He tries very hard to forget this sorrow, at the same time he also notices that Diksha is also in a similar situation. She does not laugh and talk to Aadhav like before, she has started remaining sad and silent.

One day Aadhav is drinking alcohol on the terrace at night when Diksha comes there, she sees Aadhav drinking alcohol and starts leaving from there but Aadhav stops her. Then both of them start talking to each other and share their thoughts due to which both of them come to know that they both have broken up and why.

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Then what? Both of them live opposite to each other’s flat, so they start seeing each other every day and start talking, gradually they grow closer and they also start feeling feelings towards each other. Then after a few days, Deeksha along with one of her friends, Aadhav and his friend Andy, take her to her cousin’s wedding in Village.

One day in the village, Diksha drinks alcohol, due to which at night Diksha kisses Aadhav and there is a physical intimacy between the two and they have sex with each other. Then all of them come back to the city. After coming back, Aadhav proposes to Diksha and expresses his love to her, Diksha agrees because she too had started liking Aadhav for a few days.

Then they both start living together and after living together for some time, Deeksha takes Aadhav to her village and tells her parents about their love for each other, so that Deeksha’s father sends them both to Sadi village. They only get it done. A few days after Saadi they both come back to the city. And together they start living their married life happily and happily.

After some time, Diksha goes to a distant forest for photography, where there is no network of her phone and she does not talk to Adhav for several days. Meanwhile, Aadhav’s mother passes away, Diksha’s parents and her friend as well as many relatives come to Aadhav’s house, but there is no trace of Diksha, neither her phone is ringing nor any message is being answered. Are.

After keeping the body of Aadhav’s mother for several days, her last rites are finally performed. There is no news of Diksha for several days after that. After some time, when Deeksha comes out of the forest, she gets a message notification on her mobile and she is surprised to see the message and immediately comes back home.

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After that she takes care of Aadhav and his father and in the same way gradually everything starts getting normal. After a few months, both of them complete one year of marriage and they both celebrate their first marriage anniversary by cutting a cake alone. A few days later, Diksha receives a job offer from National Geographic in South Africa for her photography. Then both celebrate.

After some time, there is a rift between the two and while living in the same house, there is a distance between the two. As before, both of them do not even laugh and talk to each other and live quietly for a few days and finally both decide to get divorced and go to a lawyer for divorce and file an application.

Now the story is shown in the present time where Aadhav is standing outside the courtroom, after which Diksha comes there and both of them hug each other. Then their number comes from the courtroom and both of them go inside, their lawyer places their divorce papers in front of the judge madam, the judge madam asks both of them for their opinion about divorce but both of them do not say anything.

Looking at both of them, it seems as if both of them are not happy with this divorce, yet they are getting divorced. After not saying anything to both of them, Judge Madam signs the divorce papers and gives her approval for their divorce. Then both of them reluctantly sign the divorce paper and both get divorced.

Then both of them come home together, they stay together all night and after morning, Diksha gets ready to go and Aadhav comes to drop her at the bus stop. Diksha goes to board the bus. The conductor calls her name for confirmation. asks. Deeksha there only reveals her full name as Deekshaadhav. Then she cryingly tells Aadhav to take care of Papa and also take care of himself and keep calling.

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Aadhav keeps answering yes to everything while crying. Then Diksha sits in the bus and the bus starts moving. And we see Aadhav walking behind the bus crying for some distance and the bus leaves. And we see that Aadhav comes home and Diksha leaves Chennai on a plane to Germany. This is where the emoji web series review ends.

If you want to watch this emoji web series and feel the love story of Deeksha Adhav in it. So I have given a link below, by visiting that link you can watch this emoji web series absolutely free. For this, you do not need to take any membership nor spend a single rupee, you can watch this emoji web series absolutely free. So go watch this series and enjoy.

Emoji Web Series Cast and Crew

I have listed the names and roles of all the characters in the list below to all the members of the cast and crew of this web series. You can read them in the list given below.

Aadhav Mahat Raghavendra
PrarthanaMaanasa Choudhary
DeekshaDevika Satheesh 
AndyV J Ashiq
Directed bySen. S. Rangasamy
Produced by A. M. Sampath
Writing CreditsSen. S. Rangasamy
Music by Sanath Bharadwaj
Cinematography byJalandhar Vasan
Editing byM R Rejeesh
Sound DepartmentR. Thejasvi
Release Date5 August 2022

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Emoji Web Series Season 2 Release Date

No news has come to the fore regarding the release date of the emoji web series season 2. As soon as any information about it comes out, we will keep you updated through this article.

Emoji Web Series Watch Online

You can watch this web series online absolutely free, for this you do not need to take any membership, nor will you have to spend a single rupee. You can watch this web series absolutely free by visiting the link given below. If you belong to the young generation, then you will like this web series very much. Because this series is made on the basis of today’s generation.

The way today’s boys and girls like each other, express love, and live together in a living relationship, and break up after a few days, then choose another. This is the essence of the story of this web series. So watch this web series and enjoy a lot. I have given a link below which will take you to the official website of this web series. Click here…

Emoji Web Series Cast Name List

The names of all the actors of this web series are written in the list below, you can read them.

  • Mahat Raghavendra
  • Devika Satheesh 
  • Manasa Chowdary
  • V J Ashiq

Emoji Web Series Release Date

This web series has been released on 5 August 2022 on Aha OTT platform, you can watch this web series by visiting Aha OTT platform. Mahat Raghavendra, Manasaa Choudhary and Devika Satish have acted in the lead roles in this series. This web series is based on a love story.

Emoji Web Series Hindi

This series has not been dubbed in Hindi language yet, no news has come out about it yet. As soon as any information comes out about dubbing this series in Hindi language, we will keep updating you with the help of this article. If you liked reading this entire article, then share this article with your friends.

We hope that you live your life happily and be happy in your life, and live a blissful life.