Jaanwar Movie Review: Jaanwar (1999) Movie Story, Watch Online Free

Jaanwar Movie Review: Since Akshay Kumar is in this film, we were expecting that this film will be action packed. But this film goes further than that. Because this movie covers almost every aspect of our interests including romance, tragedy, action and of course Johnny Lever comedy.

A fabulous story performed by Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor and Shipla Shetty. A film that you must watch. It also has more than one superhit song which you will love.

Jaanwar is another super movie of Akshay Kumar which is full of dangerous, action, bloodshed and romance. Those who have done more than one action film in their life in the last several years. Akshay Kumar, who seemed ready to break the mold of the action hero in his previous film Sangharsh, returns to action film debut.

He seems to know how to play all kinds of characters. Be it a simple master’s acting, or be it an action film. Akshay Kumar can do any kind of acting and fits in all kinds of films. That’s why everyone likes him. He considers his idol and watches his films and also likes them.

Jaanwar Movie Story (1999)

The film Jaanwar is an action-packed Bollywood film that gained popularity for its emotional depth and interesting story. This film starring Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty in lead roles is directed by Sunil Darshan. The film deals with themes of revenge, loyalty, and the enduring bond between humans and animals.

Jaanwar is a Hindi movie, this movie was released on 24 December 1999. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty in lead roles. Along with this film also includes other actors like famous actors like Mohnish Behl, Shakti Kapoor, Johnny Lever, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ashutosh Rana and Kader Khan. And Aditya Kapadia has also been roped in to play the role of a child in the film.

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Jaanwar Movie Review Essay

A village in Rajasthan is shown in the story which is becoming deserted due to water and starvation. The same small child is worried for his mother, his mother has become ill because of not eating, she is taking her last breath. That small child asks for bread from the people leaving the village on the way to bring bread. But no one helps him. Then he comes in front of a house.

Where a man Sultan (Shakti Kapoor) throws a roti in the air and his dog catches it in his mouth, the child snatches the roti from the dog’s mouth and comes to his home. But by then his mother is dead. Then the Sultan comes there and takes him with him. Seeing the bravery of that child, Sultan gives him a new name Badshah. (Akshay Kumar)

Many years pass, now the king has grown up. And he does the work of robbing big jewelry gold shops for the Sultan. Also does smuggling. One day Badshah sees a girl dancing on the way, that girl is Sapna (Karisma Kapoor). Those who are singing while dancing. Badshah gives him some money and says that your clothes are torn, take Silva.

After many days Badshah goes to smuggle, he is accompanied by Abdul (Ashutosh Ran), and Police Inspector Pradhan (Ashish Vidyarthi) comes there. And he shoots at the king. Badshah gets injured but manages to escape. He faints while running near a water dump.

Where Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) sees Badshah again, he is injured and has been shot. With the help of Sapna Abdul, Badshah takes her to his home, and treats her with ointment and bandages. After many days the king gets well. And in the meantime both of them fall in love with each other. Badshah does not hide anything from Sapna, he tells everything about himself that he works as number two for Sultan.

Like theft, smuggling and many number two illegal work. Sapna has no problem with this. Sapna has a maternal uncle who gets Sapna to dance and sing, who is very naughty. Seeing Badshah at home, Sapna starts calling him childish and bad. Sapna scolds him and makes him run away from there. There Abdul brings Bajrangi (Johnny Lever). Who is the friend of the king.

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At the behest of Abdul, Sultan again takes Badshah to a smuggling operation and comes back after working. At Sapna’s house, her maternal uncle creates a ruckus in front of the whole neighborhood that his niece is Bachalan and he is a stranger for many days. Staying at home with When Badshah arrives at Sapna’s house, he comes to know about all this commotion. So they both get ready to marry.

Badshah asks Sapna to come to the temple tomorrow morning as a married couple. He again goes for smuggling with Abdul. But there the police trap is already laid, Inspector Pradhan captures Abdul and asks Badshah to be sealed. But Badshah jumps down from the roof of the building, and his suitcase falls in the air, in which there was a lot of money, all that money belonged to Sultan.

When Badshah is going to clean the temple in the morning, then on the way he sees the same man who trapped him in the police trap. Badshah starts chasing the man, and both have a fight, Badshah kills the man. Police comes there, Badshah runs away to escape from the police. Because of which he is unable to go to the temple, where Sapna is waiting for the king to make her dream come true.

At night, the king sees a small child drowning in the water on the bank of the river, the king saves that child. A train accident takes place in which Mamta’s (Shilpa Shetty) child is lost. She asks the policeman to find her child. Her husband Aditya Oberoi (Mohnish Behl) assures her that nothing will happen to our child.

The next day Badshah takes the child to Sapna’s house, Sapna asks him why didn’t you come yesterday. Before telling Badshah that I had to choose between life and death, then Sapna sees a child in Badshah’s lap, she says you are simple, you have betrayed me. Badshah says something in his clarification, at the same time the Police Inspector Pradhan comes there, forced to tell something to Badshah, has to run away from there.

On the way, he sees a dargah, the king takes that child and goes to drop it there, where (Kader Khan) is singing. Hearing this song Jaane wale woh jaane wale, Mamta wakes up in Badshah, and he takes that child back with him. Badshah starts raising and taking care of that child, also gives him a name Raju.

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Seven years pass and Inspector Pradhan is still searching for Badshah. Abdul gets out of jail, he has come out of jail after seven years. A police man goes after Abdul as he can be traced to Badshah. Abdul goes to Sultan, he comes to know that during these seven years, the king neither came to meet him in jail nor to Sultan, then where did Sultan go.

Abdul goes to a club where he sees Sapna dancing in the club. After some time Abdul goes to Sapna, he comes to know that Badshah has not even come to meet Sapna in these seven years. Sapna also has the same question, she too has been searching for Badshah for seven years. Then both of them together start searching for the king.

In these seven years, Raju (Aditya Kapadia) has grown up and goes to study in a big private school. The school whose trustee is Mamta (Shilpa Shetty) herself. Her son’s birthday party is going on, the son she doesn’t have, he was lost seven years ago, still she celebrates her son’s birthday with great fanfare.

There, Mamta meets Raju and falls in love with him. He comes to know that he does not have a mother but a father who takes care of him. Mamta tells Raju that you can call me mother. At school, Mamta feeds Raju well and gives him lots of gifts and toys. Badshah who has now become Babu Lohar is known by the name of Babu Lohar in this place.

Babu Lohar does not like it at all that someone gives a toy to his child, and calls someone mother. He takes all the toys and returns them to Mamta and says stay away from my child. Babu the blacksmith acts as a dangerous stunt on a film set to get Raju a toy. Abdul comes there after the stand and he recognizes Babu Lohar.

No one except Badshah can do such a dangerous stand. Abdul comes to Badshah’s house and asks for his share of money, Badshah says that all the money has been confiscated by the police, Abdul is not ready to accept this, Badshah goes to Sultan with Abdul and says stay away from my life, The king is dead, Babu Lohar is standing in front of you.

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Sultan tries to stop him but fails. Badshah kills all the men of Sultan and leaves from there. Inspector Pradhan comes to meet Badshah at home, he sees that Badshah has changed, now he has become Babu Lohar, so he does not catch him and leaves from there. Fungsan is happening in the school, on the day of Mother’s Day celebration, Raju sings in it.

Mamta (Shilpa Shetty) cannot control herself after listening to the song Paas Bulati Hai Kitna Rulati Hai and comes and hugs Raju. Aditya Oberoi (Mohnish Behl) comes to drop Raju at his house at night after Fungusan, there he finds Raju’s childhood photo and recognizes that Raju is his own son who was lost seven years ago.

Aditya Oberoi invites Babu Lohar to his house, shows him his son’s picture and says that Raju is my son. I have seen his childhood picture in your house, give it to me. Babu Lohar refuses him and leaves from there. Next day, Aditya Oberoi comes to Babu Lohar’s house with Mamta. Mamta asks for her son but Babu Lohar sends her away empty-handed.

Meanwhile, Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) comes and she comes to know about all these matters and she also apologizes to Badshah. Aditya Oberoi sues the court for the custody of his child and he wins. And takes Raju to his home. But Raju is not happy there, neither eats nor speaks, so after a few days, Mamta and Aditya Oberoi take Raju to meet Babu Lohar.

On the way, Raju is kidnapped by Sultan’s men and Aditya leaves after giving Oberoi a roti. Aditya Oberoi and Mamta come to Babu Lohar’s house and tell everything that happens on the way to Babu Lohar. Seeing the bread, he understands that this work belongs to the Sultan. Babu Lohar i.e. the king goes to Sultan’s base and there he kills Sultan’s men one by one.

In the end there is a fight between Abdul and Sultan, after some time the king kills both Abdul and Sultan. Babu Lohar starts leaving from there and tells Raju that you will stay with your parents. Bajrangi comes there with Sapna. Aditya Oberoi tells Babu Lohar that Raju is happy with you, that my son’s happiness is our happiness.

Can’t we all live together in our house as a family? Babu Lohar accepts this proposal. That all those people Sapna, Raju, Babu Lohar Aditya Oberoi will live together in Mamta’s house. This is where the happy ending of this film happens. Jaanwar The End:

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Jaanwar Full Movie Online (1999)

You can watch this movie online absolutely free, for this you do not need to take any membership, nor will you have to spend even a single rupee. You can watch this movie absolutely free by visiting the link given below.

Believe me, you will like this film very much according to the decade of 90’s. So watch this movie and enjoy a lot. I have given a link below which will take you to the official website of this movie. Click here…

Jaanwar Movie Cast and Crew

I have listed the names and roles of all the characters in the list below to all the members of the cast and crew of this film. You can read them in the list given below.

Akshay KumarBadshah / Babu Lohar
Karishma KapoorSapna
Shilpa ShettyMamta
Mohnish BehlAditya Oberoi
Shakti KapoorSultan
Ashutosh RanaAbdul
Ashish VidyarthiInspector Pradhan
Johny LeverBajrangi
Aditya KapadiaRaju
Kader Khan Singer
Jeetu VarmaSapna’s Mama
Rami ReddyPolice Informer
Directed bySuneel Darshan
Produced bySuneel Darshan
ScreenplayRobin Bhatt
Music byAnand, Milind
DialogueK.K. Singh
CinematographySameer Reddy
Editing bySanjay Sankla
Released by24 December 1999
Run Time2 hour 45 minutes
IMDB 5.9/10

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Jaanwar Movie Hit or Flop

When this film was released in cinema halls, then this film ran for many days in cinema halls, and has been a super hit. This movie is totally super hit. The film performed well financially at the box office. Tip Top Video released The Beast on DVD in 2000 in all regions on a single NTSC disc. Later, Shemaroo Entertainment published an HD DVD version with digitally enhanced audio and video.

Jaanwar Movie Budget and Collection

The total budget of Jaanwar movie is 4.5 crores. The film did a box office collection of ₹10.65 crore in India. And did a worldwide box office collection of ₹ 15.48 Cr. According to the decade of 90, this film has earned well. Because according to now there was no dubbing of films in any other language at that time, only one Hindi language was released.

Jaanwar movie Songs

There are more than one super hit songs in this movie. In the 90s, most of the films had good songs. It was very nice to listen to the songs of that time, as if listening to the songs, the heart gets a lot of relief. Even today it is good to listen to the songs of that era, and the mind gets great peace.

There are total 9 songs in Jaanwar movie, which are more than one. I have given the names of these songs in the list below, you can read them. And you can watch these songs online absolutely free. I have given a link below which will take you to the official website of this song, and you can watch them. Click here…

#Song TittleSinger’s Name
1Mere Sapno Ke RajkumarAlka Yagnik
2Kasam Se Kasam SeUdit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
3Mera Yaar DildarSukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Jaspinder Narula
4Mausam Ki TarahAlka Yagnik, Manhar Udhas
5Jaanewale O JaanewaleSonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Ram Shankar
6Tujhko Na Dekhun Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan
7Angoori AngooriSapna Awasthi
8Pass Bulati Hai Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan
9Rishta Dilon KaSunidhi Chauhan

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Jaanwar Movie Release Date

Jaanwar is a Hindi movie. This film was released on 24 December 1999. Directed by Sunil Darshan, the film featured Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty in lead roles. Other actors were also roped in for the film, such as Mohnish Behl, Shakti Kapoor, Johnny Lever, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ashutosh Rana, Kader Khan, and other famous actors were also involved in this film. And Aditya Kapadia was also roped in to play the child in the film.

Jaanwar Movie Cast Name

I have listed all the actors of this film in the below list, you can read it.

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Karishma Kapoor
  • Shilpa Shetty
  • Mohnish Behl
  • Shakti Kapoor
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Ashish Vidyarthi
  • Johny Lever
  • Aditya Kapadia
  • Kader Khan
  • Jeetu Varma
  • Rami Reddy

Jaanwar Movie Villain Name

The film stars Shakti Kapoor as the main villain and Ashutosh Rana as the side villain.

Jaanwar Movie Cast Child

Aditya Kapadia played the child in this film, whose name was Raju in this film.


Jaanwar Movie Budget

The total budget of Jaanwar movie is 4.5 crores.

Jaanwar Movie Box Office Collection

The film did a box office collection of ₹10.65 crore in India. And did a worldwide box office collection of ₹ 15.48 Cr.