Rajinikanth’s Jaw-Dropping Salary Shakes Up Film Industry! Exclusive Insider Details on ‘Jailer’ Cast Earnings

Nelson Dilipkumar and Rajinikanth, in collaboration with a highly talented team, have achieved resounding success for the Tamil cinema industry with their latest release, “Jailer.” Since its premiere, the film has garnered immense praise from audiences and has made a significant impact at the box office.

“Jailer” boasts an ensemble cast of exceptional caliber, including renowned figures such as Ramya Krishnan, Mohanlal, Shivarajkumar, Jackie Shroff, and, of course, Rajinikanth.

There has also been an intense conversation among fans regarding the huge budget of the film and the salaries that all the actors took home for being a part of the project. Other than the aforementioned stars, popular faces like Sunil, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Yogi Babu are also part of the project.

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Actors and their salaries for Jailer

crore for his lead role in the directorial project helmed by Nelson Dilipkumar. As per the aforementioned reports, the film “Jailer” was produced with a budget of Rs 225 crore. These estimations indicate that Rajinikanth’s compensation accounted for 48% of the overall film budget.

In addition to Rajinikanth’s pivotal contribution, the impactful cameo appearances by Mohanlal and Shivarajkumar also left an indelible impression on the film. In terms of their remuneration, Mohanlal is reported to have received Rs 8 crore for his portrayal of Mathew, while Shivarajkumar’s involvement in “Jailer” earned him a reported Rs 4 crore.

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The film did not solely feature guest appearances from the Kannada and Malayalam film industries; Bollywood also left its mark. These star-studded cameos were thoughtfully interwoven into the storyline, rather than serving as mere fleeting moments. Jackie Shroff, a part of the cast, reportedly received Rs 4 crore for his role, and Tamannaah Bhatia, portraying an actress, was compensated with Rs 4 crore as well.

Ramya Krishnan’s presence in the movie generated significant anticipation, particularly due to her reunion with her co-star from “Padayappa,” Rajinikanth. The esteemed Super Deluxe actress is said to have earned Rs 1 crore for her portrayal of Rajinikanth’s on-screen wife in the film.

Nelson spared no effort with “Jailer,” particularly in terms of the casting, and his endeavors have unequivocally borne fruit.