Mind-Blowing Teaser New Ramayana Series Leaves Adipurush in the Dust – Must See

Just two months following the disappointing outcome of Adipurush, Sony TV recently unveiled its new show titled Srimad Ramayan earlier this week. Scheduled for release in January 2024, the upcoming television series represents the latest adaptation of the timeless mythological epic that centers around the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Sony TV shared a teaser of Srimad Ramayan on its social media platforms, accompanied by the Hindi caption, “A celebration of our cultural heritage, the zenith of traditions, and the profound mantra of devotion. The narrative of Lord Shriram, #SrimadRamayan, is coming soon, exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television.” However, the details about the cast and other specifics of the show are being kept confidential at this point.

The brief teaser, enhanced with impactful background music and a silhouette of Lord Rama, received acclaim from online users, many of whom opined that the concise forty-second clip appears to hold more promise than the entirety of Adipurush.

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Srimad Ramayan Teaser Outshines Adipurush

An individual on X (formerly known as Twitter) commented, “Seems more promising than Adipurush,” while another expressed, “Eagerly looking forward to the televised Ramayan! Hopefully, it preserves the essence better than Adipurush.”

Released in June, Om Raut’s interpretation of the Ramayana featured Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan portraying Raghava (Lord Rama), Janaki (Sita), and Lankesh (Ravana) respectively. The film faced substantial criticism for its lackluster character portrayals, mundane dialogues, and subpar visual effects.

Adipurush made its debut on OTT platforms last week. This mythological spectacle is currently available for streaming in Hindi on Netflix and in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam on Prime Video.

Despite amassing a considerable global box office revenue of around Rs 400 crore, Om Raut’s directorial venture was branded a commercial disappointment due to its reported budget exceeding Rs 600 crore.